Emergency Structures/Medical Centres

Coronavirus / COVID-19 Temporary Buildings and Medical Shelters







Covid-19 Emergency Cover / Emergency Shelters

We are able to support healthcare and medical services by quickly and effectively building emergency medical centres, this can create additional space for covid-19  testing, hospital beds, triage areas and associated services.

Our structures can be used for temporary hospitals, medical structures, triage rooms, or any other type of temporary medical facility.

Emergency canopies/awnings which are ideal for drive-thru COVID-19 testing programmes are available at short notice and can be erected on demand very quickly.

Our emergency structures come with the following benefits:

UK storage (allowing rapid installation)
Easily interchangeable sizing to help with bespoke length and height
Fully tested and approved
Securely insulated wall panelling and access doors
Full fit-out can include floor coverings, water supply, electricity, lighting, toilets, sinks, treatment rooms, HVAC (heating and air conditioning)
Easy to take down and relocate

Other Emergency Support

Temporary Morgues
Triage Areas
Temporary Hospitals
Drive Though Canopies
Isolated Testing Booth



Temporary Drive Through Testing Canopy / Cover

Emergency Triage Tents & Temporary Hospital Buildings

What if you unexpectedly find yourself in an emergency situation and are in urgent need of extra space?

There is a solution for every emergency situation, tailored to your needs and wishes. We provide temporary, demountable structures: fast, flexible and cost-effective when and where it’s needed.  Structures can be provided as a turn-key solution from an empty car park to a full working facility so you can be up and running within days.

Taylex can provide Temporary Emergency Structures for the following:

  • Temporary Triage Areas
  • Secure Medical Storage
  • Temporary Testing Areas
  • Quarantine Areas
  • Temporary Hospital Buildings
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Consultation Areas


Temporary Walling

With a wide range of modular profiles available, Taylex walls can be used for a multitude of applications.

Taylex Temporary Walls are built quickly and are ideal for hygienic, private areas.

WATCH: NHS Drive-thru testing Build



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